AIIDE/MIG Workshop on Stylized Motion and Behavior 2016


Modern computer graphics techniques allow the creation of incredibly detailed, photorealistic virtual worlds. However, artists often wish to create worlds that are stylized, nonphysical, or exaggerated. For example, Pixar's characters and environments are fantastical and unrealistic in order to aid in storytelling, not because of technological limitations. While similar in some respects to photorealistic interactive applications, authoring stylized content requires overcoming a unique set of challenges in order to unify techniques such as physical simulation, character animation, or behavior planning with artist input and interaction. This workshop aims to bring together researchers and industry practitioners from the animation and artificial intelligence communities working in the field of stylized motion and behavior.

Workshop Goals

Researchers have advanced the state of the art in creating stylized motions and behaviors, particularly in the areas of physics-based animation, character animation, and higher-level agent control. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from these areas to cross-pollenate ideas and foster collaboration between these disciplines. We plan to accomplish these goals by featuring invited speakers who have successfully created stylized motion and behavior in industry and academia; soliciting short papers and presentations from attendees including insights and intuition gained from completed projects in this field; and by soliciting papers describing preliminary work that may benefit from attendee feedback.

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