Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Denver ()

Research interests
Nonassociative algebraic structures, particularly quasigroups, loops, latin squares, quandles and set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation.

Wider research interests
Algebra, combinatorics, computational algebra, computational geometry, algebraic knot theory and automated deduction.

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  Quasigroups and Related Systems (managing editor)
  Journal of Computational Algebra (associate editor)
  Mile High Conferences on Nonassociative Mathematics (main organizer, with Michael Kinyon)

No, this is not a pedestal for my statue, but rather for St. Peter (PETRVS) in Madrid. I managed to block the 'S' and photoshopped out the top of the 'V' peeking out above my right shoulder.
  • Jul 24: manuscript "Minimal representatives of endofunctions" coauthored with Sujoy Mukherjee accepted to Semigroup Forum
  • Jun 24: delivered a talk "Solvability in varieties close tro groups" at 2024 Zassenhaus Groups and Friends conference
  • May 24: awarded a Lockheed Martin Space grant "Time Series Analysis Research: From a novel Jacobian estimator to applications to the Orion capsule" (co-PI Frederic Latremoliere)
  • Mar 24: manuscript "Congruence solvability in finite Moufang loops of order coprime to three" coauthored with Ales Drapal accepted to Results in Mathematcs
  • Mar 24: The conference Jon Hall 75: Group Theory and its Neighboring Disciplines will take place at the University of Denver on August 16-18, 2024. It is supported by an NSA grant (PI Mandi Schaeffer Fry, Co-PIs Hung Nguyen and Petr Vojtechovsky).
  • Mar 24: Mandi Schaeffer Fry and I coorganized the conference Groups, Nilpotence and Tensors II at the University of Denver
  • Feb 24: elected chair of the Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium
  • Jan 24: talk "Cycle structure of translations in connected quandles" at JMM 2024, San Francisco
  • Dec 23: manuscript "SAT-based techniques for lexicographically smallest finite models" coauthored with Joao Araujo, Choiwah Chow, Mike Codish and Mikolas Janota accepted to AAAI-2023
  • Oct 23: manuscript "On abelian-by-cyclic Moufang loops" coauthored with Ales Drapal accepted to Forum Mathematicum
  • Oct 23: talk at the Panglobal algebra and logic seminar, University of Colorado, Boulder

Petr Vojtechovsky

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