Mile High Conference on Quasigroups, Loops, and Nonassociative Systems

University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA, July 2-9, 2005

The conference took place successfully; 37 mathematicians from 11 countries attended the conference. This is a post-conference website with some useful information. You can also visit the old conference website.


mail:  Mile High Conference
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Denver
 2360 S Gaylord St
 Denver, CO 80208
phone:  303-871-2911 (Math Dept office)
fax:  303-871-3173 (Math Dept office)

Conference Participants

Download the list of conference participants (pdf).

Abstracts and Talks

Download the booklet of abstracts (pdf).

Download Orin Chein's main lecture (Power Point): talk, definitions, proofs, references.

Download Michael Kinyon's main lecture (pdf): talk.

Open Problems

The following open problems were mentioned at the problem session (pdf).


All photographs are in jpg format. We thank Eugen Paal for many of the photographs posted below. If you have a picture that you would like to add, send it to us. If you would like to have your picture removed, let us know.

See and download the high-resolution conference photo. In the picture are, from the left: Werner, Zaslavsky, Von Stroh, Pula, Daly, Romanowska, Lim, Butler, Schroeck, Csorgo, Tian, McCune, Rice, Lawson, Drapal, Moorhouse, Ormes, Ealy, Smith, Kinyon, Giuliani, Scarr, Puusemp, Chein, Johnson, Im, Edgington, Sabinina, Nagy and Vojtechovsky. Missing from the picture are: Aschbacher, Dehornoy, Goldberg, Krapez, Paal (photographer), Phillips and Prakash.

Photos of speakers: Michael Aschbacher, Orin Chein, Piroska Csorgo, Ales Drapal, Clifton Ealy, Vladislav Goldberg, Bokhee Im, Ken Johnson, Michael Kinyon, Aleksandar Krapez, William McCune, Gabor Nagy, Nic Ormes, Ted Rice, Liudmila Sabinina, Tzvi Scarr, Jonathan Smith, Jianjun (Paul) Tian, Petr Vojtechovsky.

Photos taken in Olin Hall: registration, audience 1, audience 2, audience 3, Drapal and Sabinina, Ealy, Ealy and Paal, Edgington, Giuliani and Lim, Johnson, Kinyon and Vojtechovsky, Lim and Puusemp, Puusemp, Ealy and Daly, Rice, Schroeck, Werner, Zaslavsky, in the rotunda 1, in the rotunda 2.

Photos taken during the excursion: at the Garden of the Gods visitor center, before hike in GoG, leaving the parking lot at GoG, in GoG 1, in GoG 2, in GoG 3, in GoG 4, returning from the hike 1, returning from the hike 2, returning from the hike 3, returning from the hike 4, in Manitou Springs, arriving at Cave of the Winds, looking down from the CW, near CW 1, near CW 2, inside CW 1, inside CW 2, leaving CW.

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the conference will be published in a dedicated volume of the journal Quasigroups and Related Systems (QRS). We invite both participants of the conference and researchers working in nonassociative algebra to contribute to the volume.

We are especially interested in short research articles but other formats will also be considered. Only papers related to the topic of the conference will be considered.

The members of the Program and Organizing Committee of the conference will serve as editors. All submitted papers will be refereed.

How to submit your paper