The conference took place August 11-17, 2013 at the University of Denver with 56 participants from 18 countries.

Here is the original conference website that is no longer maintained.


The deadline for the submission to the conference proceedings is October 31, 2013. Please email your submission to one of the members of the Program and Organizing Committee.

Conference photos

Here is the large version of the conference photo.

Standing from the left: Kotchetov, Elduque, Csorgo, Almarabah, Alsaody, Benkart, Pellicane, Colbourn, Gagola III, Dray, Phillips, Giuliani, Sudbery, Clavier, Benito, Jedlicka, Bremner, Koeplinger, Vojtechovsky, Kolesnikov, Smedberg, Daly, Kinyon, Stanovsky, Hall, Drapal, Samardjiska, Romanowska, Belton, Greer, Smith, Johnson, Evans, Munywoki, Mochan, Plaumann, Njuguna.

Sitting from the left: Dixon, Huerta, Farnsworth, Moorhouse, Isere, Macias Sevde, Nagy, Kivunge, Baez.

Additional photos: 1, 2.

Problem session

Download the list of open problems presented at the conference problem session.


Here are some of the talks presented at the conference: