West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar 2014

University of Denver Campus Scene
November 1st and 2nd, 2014

Welcome to the web portal for the West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar, edition 2014, to be held at the University of Denver over the weekend of November 1st and 2nd. It is with great pleasure that the Department of Mathematics at the University of Denver will host the twenty-second edition of WCOAS, thanks in part to the generous support of our Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the Office of the Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship.

You may navigate through this site by selecting one of the five links below the main title of the page. In particular, information on travel, hotels, the University of Denver campus, and the lecture rooms are grouped in Travel and Lodging. The talks of this conference, together with abstracts, speakers, and schedule information can be found in Schedule and Program. Slides from all the talks may be obtained in the Program section or the Slides section. Registration is now closed and the registration link no longer accessible.

The pictures are links to a Flickr repository of images from the University of Denver; all the pictures of this site are from the "Campus Scene" album.

If you have any question, email Frederic Latremoliere, Ph.D., local organizer and web master. Note that no email address is included in this site: all links associated with individuals point to their web site instead.

We thank you for your visit!


Thank you!

The conference is now over. Thank you all for your participation, and thank you to all the speakers for their much appreciated contributions. We hope to see you soon around other conferences!


The slides for all the talks given at WCOAS 2014 are now posted on this web site. You may find them both in the program section and in the new 'Slides' section. Thanks to all the speakers for providing them.

Scientific Committee

We wish to thank, for their greatly valued contributions, the members of the scientific committee of WCOAS 2014:

Local Organizer

The Local organizer is Frederic Latremoliere, Ph.D.
Web site: (c) 2014 Frederic Latremoliere, Ph.D.
Pictures: (c) University of Denver

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